Revlon: Silver Dollar

Hi Beauties,

I know this might be a little bit of an over load but I love nail polish and I love writing, what more can I say.

I love ‘Revlon Nail Enamel’ especially because I get them at such an amazing price, the pictures below are of Revlon’s ‘Silver Dollar’, it is a silver glittery polish that goes on quite sheer so you need to apply quite a few coats to get an opaque look.


After One Coat


After A Second Coat


The Third And Finale Coat

I love this colour once all of the coats have been applied, I find its a very versatile colour that can be worn anywhere, any time of the year.  Although this polish is not that quick drying the waiting is really worth it as this polish once It’s applied lasts for the longest time, I wore it for over 5 days without any chips and scraps and my nail DO NOT have an easy life. So, it does not need a top coat to protect it, although this polish is glittery it is not very glossy so you might want to apply a top coat to give your manicure that little bit of extra sparkle.


928 Sliver Dollar

Even though Revlon is a drug store brand I still find it quite expensive, a single bottle at ‘Boots’ sells for around £6.49 for 14ml, when compared to other brands such as ‘Nails Inc’ which retail at £13.00 to £15.00 from 10ml of polish depending on where you shop. The nail enamel range by ‘Revlon’ has a fantastic colour range that includes a look for any occasion from bold pinks and sophisticated reds to beautiful cool blues and the blackest of blacks.


Without Flash


With Flash

Although at first this colour seems quite sheer once it has been built up it looks simpley stunning, the pictures above demonstrate how the polish reacts to different sources of light, the sun brings out more gold in the polish where as on a duller day more silver tones will show up in this polish, that is why this shade is so versatile.

So, although ‘Silver Dollar’ by ‘Revlon’ Isn’t the boldest of colours it is still versatile, durable and looks amazing.

The Scores

Application: 6/10

Dry Time: 5/10

Colour: 8/10

Durability: 9/10

Wear-ability: 10/10

Loves, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,



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