NYC Chelsea

Hi Beauties

I went shopping and bought yet more nail polish, even after my nail polish spending ban, oops.

I walked into boots and the had a rack of NYC polish which I didn’t even know you could get in the UK, so I snapped up ‘Chelsea.



Which is a beautiful deep red shade which I love but it might not be as wearable in the summer months. However it goes on opaque in two coats, one coat will work great but the colour was a little too pink for me


To get a deep red eye catching shade I’d recommend applying two coats


I found ‘Chelsea’ dried quite quickly, within 5 minutes of the first coat and within 10 minutes for the second.
I wore the manicure for around three days without any chipping

Over all I would highly recommend NYC’s ‘Chelsea’ it’s one of my favourite colours and I’m so happy I have finally found somewhere that sells this brand in the UK.

<strong>The Scores

Application: 9/10
Dry Time: 7/10
Colour: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Wear-ability: 8/10

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses



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