Nail Art: Death Note

Hi Beauties,

As some of you may or not may not know I absolutely love ‘Death Note’ if has to be one of my fave Anime’s.

I thought I’d share with you some of my fave ‘Death Note’ nail art.




I love them all there so cute and creative, I need to practice so I can do then as well ūüôā

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

China Glaze Sale Red-y

Hi Beauties

I am the barer of good news, I went shipping and didn’t buy a single bottle of polish, I think I’m finally getting over my addiction, I normally come home with three or four new bottles, sometimes more. Even more good news: Nail Polish Direct are having a massive sale on all China Glaze polishes they are only ¬£3.99 and I’m so so tempted to splurge,

Here’s the link to the nail polish glory:
massive sale

I thought I’d also treat you to my favourite reds from China Glaze.

Red-y & Willing


Bing Cherry


High Roller


Merry Berry


City Siren


Riveter Rouge


Ruby Pumps


Well that’s all for now I hoped you enjoyed my red picks and I hope you can snap something up in the sale.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Manic Mints

Hi Beauties,

Even though the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds that still doesn’t mean I can’t wear pretty summery shades on my nails.

So I thought I’d bring you my favourite mint polishes, mint polish has defiantly been a go to polish colour of mine over the past few months, so when I post my July faves keep your eyes perked for a pretty minty shade or two.

The first my my fave mint polishes has to be ‘Mint Green’ by Barry M, even though I only got this polish last week I’m sure it will be my go to polish for mints to come.


Revlon’s ‘Minted’ is another stunning polish that I love the colour of but I only worn it for two days and it chipped… Badly, for me Revlon’s formula has always been very stay put and non chip, maybe I got a bad bottle, never the less it’s still lovely.


The third is ‘Mint Macaroon’ by NYC, even though I don’t own this polish yet I love the colour and I’m sure I’ll own a bottle of my own in the near future.


Sally hansen’s ‘Mint Sobre’ is a lovely colour but sadly the formula doesn’t always work that well for me.


Mua’s ‘Pistachio Ice cream’ is another beautiful mint and is defiantly another go to polish, I’ve never really noticed before but it has a blue-y undertone to it when I compared it with Revlon’s ‘Minted’, but it is still green enough to be another beautiful summery mint shade.


Now ‘Mintilicious’ from Rimmel is not your classic pale mint shade it is very bold and is perfect to brighten up a dull day like today.


Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’… What more can I say.


‘Refresh mint’ by China Glaze is a by far the trust mint shade out of them all, (in my opinion at least) it is simply stunning and is another I will own very very soon.


‘Bevin’ by Zoya is a stunning pale mint colour, even though I have never tried Zoya polish before ‘Bevin’ would be one of my go to colours.


And finally ‘Mint Apple’ from sinful colors in my opinion is the perfect dupe for Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’, and it’s only ¬£1.99 you really can’t go wrong.


So my beauties I hoped you enjoyed this delve into my fave mint polishes. In Your opinion are there any I have
there any I have missed? Which is your favourite mint shade?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses.

Aurora xxx

New additions

Hi Beauties,

So after almost three weeks of not buying any polish, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new bottles.

Barry M- Watermelon


New York Color- Fine Red Wine


And finally…

Barry M- Dragon


I hoped you like my new additions, out of these three colours what should my next manicure be?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses

Aurora xxx

Essie: Pretty Pinks

Hi Beauties,

So for this post I thought I’d bring you my favourite pink polishes from Essie.

Even though I don’t own an Essie polish yet I’d love to but I’m a bit put off by the price, in your opinion is the ¬£8 for an Essie polish worth it?

The first of my fave pinks is ‘pink glove service, as you can see see it leans more towards Essie’s array of white based pinks.


The second Is slightly darker than ‘pink glove service’ and is called ‘castaway’, to me it’s much more of a bubble gum pink which would look lovely with tanned skin.


The third is a deeper more pigmented pink and is called ‘pansy’, I love this colour and it’s perfect for summer.


I think the next colour, ‘mod squad’ would be the result if ‘pansy’ and ‘castaway’ got together to create something beautiful.


The fifth colour is a more red-y pink, and is called ‘Miami nice’ but it’s still bold, bright and beautiful.


‘Sure shot’ is a very blue based pink giving it a very pretty purple pay off.


The seventh polish is called ‘the lace is on’ which is a lot more purple than ‘sure shot’ because this polish is so dark I think it would be better suited for fall or winter instead of summer.


The finale two polishes are prefect Barbie pinks, ‘chastity’ again is a more purple-y pink, which will give your manicure a lovely lilac finish. ‘Forget me not’ is the classic Barbie pink, need I say more.



Overall If I was going to get my first pink Essie polish it’d have to be ‘castaway’ as it is still a light pink but it isn’t too sheer or too bold, I. My opinion ‘castaway’ would be perfect for me as it Is a classic shade and can be worn all year round.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Nail Polish Q&A

Hi Beauties,

Here’s another nail polish tag, I took the questions for several different places on the net, I thought I’d make my own from them.

1) How many nail polishes do you own? I think I own are 130 beautiful bottles at the moment, I’d say it’s quite a small collection compared to other nail bloggers and you tubers.


2) Your favourite nail polish brand? my all time favourite nail polish brand has got to be Revlon. They have such a fantastic formula, it’s quick drying, applies well and stays on for at least a week without chipping. Revlon also has a lovely colour range that has a shade for any season, mood or occasion.


3) What are your top three nail polishes? my three faves have to be Revlon’s ‘rain forest’ which is a beautiful deep green with gold micro glitter.

The second has to be sinful colors sugar sugar, which is a beautiful sophisticated deep red with a beautiful shimmery finish.

The third has to be Rimmel’s English Rose which is a beautiful vintage pink shade.


4) Which is your most disappointing polish? And why? my most disappointing polish has to by ‘Cotton Candy’ from beauty uk, it goes on sheer, takes forever to dry and chips like crazy, it’s awful and I would not recommend it, not at all.


5) What is your favourite polish finish?
I love matte black polish or gloss polishes in any other colour, so over
all I think my favourite finish is gloss.


5) What polish colour do you own the most of? I think I own the most reds followed closely by pinks


6) What is your least favourite polish? my least fave polish has to be the diamond strength collection from Sally Hansen, they were sheer, they didn’t apply well, they took a very very long time to dry and if you don’t wear a base coat they stain your nails.


So there it is my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed reading through my answers and feel free to answer them in your own way.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Dazzling Copper Polish

Hi Beauties,

The weathers hot and sunny and I’m in the mood to blog, more to the point I’m in the mood to blog about nail polish but not just any polish, this post is going to be about my favourite copper polishes.

So get your drink and your sun tan lotion, hit the sun bed, relax and read on.

My first stunning copper polish is defiantly one of my faves it’s Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’.

As many of you know Revlon is my favourite polish brand, and this polish is simply stunning.

The second is ‘Harvest Moon’ from China Glaze, although the colour is beautiful and it has a very pretty name. In the past I have not had much luck with China Glaze formulas, they’ve been very hit and miss for me. It.


Another polish I love Is from the magnetic range from Sally Hansen, it’s called ‘Kinetic Copper’ it has a stunning deep red toned colour and the magnetic aspect of the polish works fantastically and leaves your nails looking beautiful.


This beautiful polish is by Barry M and is simply called ‘Copper’, this polish has more of a gold undertone as a posed to a red, copper tone like the polishes I have mentioned previously, but never the less it belongs on the list. Even though the colour is not quite what I would expect from a copper polish but it is by Barry M which is one of my favourite cosmetics brands every polish I have had from this range have been easy to apply, quick drying and long lasting, and no doubt ‘Copper’ will be exactly the same.


The final copper polish I love is from wet and wild called ‘Rustic’ it’s a beautiful polish with more of an orange undertone as opposed to a red or gold. It has more of an earthy feel to it and it’s very ‘Rustic’ name suits it well


I’m now going to drag myself off of my sun lounger and apply a pretty copper manicure.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Weekend polish picks

Hi Beauties,

How are you all on this lovely Saturday? Even though it is raining :(.

I’d thought I’d let you take a peak at my most wanted polishes for this rainy weekend.

The first is wet and wilds burgundy frost, it’s a stunning deep red shade perfect for fall.


The second, is sinful colors 24/7 it’s an eye catching neon pink that looks stunning with a tan.


Elfs cranberry is a beautiful classic red that looks stunning and sophisticated.


Sinful colors dancing nails is a dusty yet sparkly pink.


Another polish I am loving is again from sinful colors it is a beautiful deep sliver shade that truly reminds me of the sliver screen.


Another stunning green I love is wet and wilds Caribbean frost, it’s a beautiful shimmery green with a beautiful frosty high shine finish.


Essie’s sassy satchel is a stunning deep red with a classic purple under tone, another one of my favourites.


Sally Hansen’s flirt is a beautiful deep red with a gorgeous shimmery finish much like sinful Colors sugar sugar, I need this polish for my collection.


The finale polish Is post Is the beautiful emerald city from Revlon, it is from their matte suede collection and is another gorgeous must have with a stunning matte finish.


I hoped you liked seeing my polish picks for this weekend. Comment below with your favourite polishes and they’ll be featured in my next post with a shout out for your blog.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses

Aurora xxx

Nail Art, Bitch!

Hi Beauties,

And so I’m sad to report that breaking bad has finally come to an end for me, I watched the finale last night and yes I cried, who can blame me.

What better way to help with my breaking bad grieving process than with nail art, here’s some of my faves.






Love all of these they all look so epic.
I love the Heisenberg decals I need them In my life.

What to watch now?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Nail Polish Tag

Hi Beauties,

I was watching nail polish tag videos on YouTube, because I’m bored and I thought I’d answer some tag questions of my own, here goes…

1. What’s your favorite nail polish company? Revlon for sure their formula is perfect and they have amazing colours

2. Glitter or no glitter? no glitter, it’s soo hard to remove and some if it can look way too tacky

3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie? Essie

4. When do you change your nail polish? about three times a week

5. What’s your favorite color on your nails? pinks, reds and greens

6. Darks or brights? – It’s hard to say it depended in my mood or the season

7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment? – Minted by Revlon

8. Matte nails… in or out? Matte colours in, darks out

9. Do you like french manicures? Yes they look classy

10. What’s your favorite winter color? – Wine and berry reds

I tag all of my beauties to do this tag, I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

P.s ‘original’ post by nailmattic