New Additions

Hi Beauties,

As usual I’ve been shopping after yet again telling myself that I need to calm my spending and stop buying so much nail polish,


Here goes, the first two are from Maybellines’s acid wash collection, I purchased one in Mint-acid-ittude which is a beautiful mint green colour laced with different sized hex white and circular glitters. The second is called Lilac Rebel, it has glitters in the same colour, shape and size as Mint-acid-ittude, but with a beautiful lilac base.



The third polish is from NYC’s Foil Explosion collection and is called Magic Earth, it’s not quite a flat green yet it’s not quite metallic, either way this polish is stunning.


The forth and final new addition to my collection is also from NYC, but this it’s from their In A New York Color Mintue collection, which is one of my faves. It’s called Full Metal Jacket and boasts a beautiful golden finish.


So there they are, reviews and swatches coming soon.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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