Revlon Wants

Hi Beauties,

Revlon has to be my favourite nail polish brand by far, the formula is amazing and they have a range of so many different colours.

Here are ten of the polishes from Revlon that I need in my polish collection.

The first Is ‘bold sangria’ it’s a beautiful deep purple colour and I don’t think I own anything like it.


The second one is the ‘matte top coat’ which by the look and things gives any manicure the perfect matte finish.


The third polish I want, well need is ‘ocean breeze’ and yes I know every other blogger and vlogger has this colour, in my opinion it makes the perfect summer manicure.


Then there’s ‘smouldering’ which isn’t as popular but it still beautiful, it’s the perfect silvery-green tone.


‘Victorian’ is a stunning bold pink shade, perfect for creating that statement manicure.


The sixth shade I need into collection is called ‘Valentine’ as you can guess it’s the perfect shade of red.


‘Lady luck’ is a perfect muted pink.


The eighth is a deep dark, romantic red called ”Vixen’, I NEED THIS POLISH.


‘Really Rosy’ is by far my favourite colour featured in this post, it’s a perfect vintage pink, fantastic for that ultra feminine look.


The finale polish is called ‘Red Ribbon’ and is the perfect celebration red.


I hope you all enjoyed seeing my wants from Revlon. I just hope I can purchase some of them soon.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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