Dazzling Copper Polish

Hi Beauties,

The weathers hot and sunny and I’m in the mood to blog, more to the point I’m in the mood to blog about nail polish but not just any polish, this post is going to be about my favourite copper polishes.

So get your drink and your sun tan lotion, hit the sun bed, relax and read on.

My first stunning copper polish is defiantly one of my faves it’s Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’.

As many of you know Revlon is my favourite polish brand, and this polish is simply stunning.

The second is ‘Harvest Moon’ from China Glaze, although the colour is beautiful and it has a very pretty name. In the past I have not had much luck with China Glaze formulas, they’ve been very hit and miss for me. It.


Another polish I love Is from the magnetic range from Sally Hansen, it’s called ‘Kinetic Copper’ it has a stunning deep red toned colour and the magnetic aspect of the polish works fantastically and leaves your nails looking beautiful.


This beautiful polish is by Barry M and is simply called ‘Copper’, this polish has more of a gold undertone as a posed to a red, copper tone like the polishes I have mentioned previously, but never the less it belongs on the list. Even though the colour is not quite what I would expect from a copper polish but it is by Barry M which is one of my favourite cosmetics brands every polish I have had from this range have been easy to apply, quick drying and long lasting, and no doubt ‘Copper’ will be exactly the same.


The final copper polish I love is from wet and wild called ‘Rustic’ it’s a beautiful polish with more of an orange undertone as opposed to a red or gold. It has more of an earthy feel to it and it’s very ‘Rustic’ name suits it well


I’m now going to drag myself off of my sun lounger and apply a pretty copper manicure.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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