Essie: Pretty Pinks

Hi Beauties,

So for this post I thought I’d bring you my favourite pink polishes from Essie.

Even though I don’t own an Essie polish yet I’d love to but I’m a bit put off by the price, in your opinion is the £8 for an Essie polish worth it?

The first of my fave pinks is ‘pink glove service, as you can see see it leans more towards Essie’s array of white based pinks.


The second Is slightly darker than ‘pink glove service’ and is called ‘castaway’, to me it’s much more of a bubble gum pink which would look lovely with tanned skin.


The third is a deeper more pigmented pink and is called ‘pansy’, I love this colour and it’s perfect for summer.


I think the next colour, ‘mod squad’ would be the result if ‘pansy’ and ‘castaway’ got together to create something beautiful.


The fifth colour is a more red-y pink, and is called ‘Miami nice’ but it’s still bold, bright and beautiful.


‘Sure shot’ is a very blue based pink giving it a very pretty purple pay off.


The seventh polish is called ‘the lace is on’ which is a lot more purple than ‘sure shot’ because this polish is so dark I think it would be better suited for fall or winter instead of summer.


The finale two polishes are prefect Barbie pinks, ‘chastity’ again is a more purple-y pink, which will give your manicure a lovely lilac finish. ‘Forget me not’ is the classic Barbie pink, need I say more.



Overall If I was going to get my first pink Essie polish it’d have to be ‘castaway’ as it is still a light pink but it isn’t too sheer or too bold, I. My opinion ‘castaway’ would be perfect for me as it Is a classic shade and can be worn all year round.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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