Manic Mints

Hi Beauties,

Even though the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds that still doesn’t mean I can’t wear pretty summery shades on my nails.

So I thought I’d bring you my favourite mint polishes, mint polish has defiantly been a go to polish colour of mine over the past few months, so when I post my July faves keep your eyes perked for a pretty minty shade or two.

The first my my fave mint polishes has to be ‘Mint Green’ by Barry M, even though I only got this polish last week I’m sure it will be my go to polish for mints to come.


Revlon’s ‘Minted’ is another stunning polish that I love the colour of but I only worn it for two days and it chipped… Badly, for me Revlon’s formula has always been very stay put and non chip, maybe I got a bad bottle, never the less it’s still lovely.


The third is ‘Mint Macaroon’ by NYC, even though I don’t own this polish yet I love the colour and I’m sure I’ll own a bottle of my own in the near future.


Sally hansen’s ‘Mint Sobre’ is a lovely colour but sadly the formula doesn’t always work that well for me.


Mua’s ‘Pistachio Ice cream’ is another beautiful mint and is defiantly another go to polish, I’ve never really noticed before but it has a blue-y undertone to it when I compared it with Revlon’s ‘Minted’, but it is still green enough to be another beautiful summery mint shade.


Now ‘Mintilicious’ from Rimmel is not your classic pale mint shade it is very bold and is perfect to brighten up a dull day like today.


Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’… What more can I say.


‘Refresh mint’ by China Glaze is a by far the trust mint shade out of them all, (in my opinion at least) it is simply stunning and is another I will own very very soon.


‘Bevin’ by Zoya is a stunning pale mint colour, even though I have never tried Zoya polish before ‘Bevin’ would be one of my go to colours.


And finally ‘Mint Apple’ from sinful colors in my opinion is the perfect dupe for Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’, and it’s only £1.99 you really can’t go wrong.


So my beauties I hoped you enjoyed this delve into my fave mint polishes. In Your opinion are there any I have
there any I have missed? Which is your favourite mint shade?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses.

Aurora xxx


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