China Glaze Sale Red-y

Hi Beauties

I am the barer of good news, I went shipping and didn’t buy a single bottle of polish, I think I’m finally getting over my addiction, I normally come home with three or four new bottles, sometimes more. Even more good news: Nail Polish Direct are having a massive sale on all China Glaze polishes they are only £3.99 and I’m so so tempted to splurge,

Here’s the link to the nail polish glory:
massive sale

I thought I’d also treat you to my favourite reds from China Glaze.

Red-y & Willing


Bing Cherry


High Roller


Merry Berry


City Siren


Riveter Rouge


Ruby Pumps


Well that’s all for now I hoped you enjoyed my red picks and I hope you can snap something up in the sale.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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