New additions

Hi Beauties

I went shopping again since today is payday, as always I give myself a budget to but always go over it no matter how hard I try to stick to it.

But in saying that I got a total bargain I found three of the Revlon Parfumerie polishes.

The first is ‘Ginger Melon’ it’s a gorgeous bright pink colour and is the first one I’ve worn do far, it smells amazing, not exactly like melon but it smells so good, I can’t stop smelling my nails lol.



The second is ‘WinterMint’ it’s a beautiful colour and because it has the deep coloured flecks in it I think this in one I’ll still be wearing in December.



The third and finale polish I picked up is called ‘Moonlit Woods’ it’s a beautiful silvery purple shade, but I can only guess at what it smells like.



Do beauties I hope you enjoyed my new additions and I’ll keep you updated on what ‘Moonlit Woods’ smells like, my guess is earthy.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Cute Cow Nail Art

Hi Beauties

As you may know I am obsessed with cows, I think obsessed is an understatement, I love everything cow or cow print if I see something I have to buy it.

So to brighten up my day I thought I’d post some super cute cow nail art.

Enjoy. ūüôā









I love love love all of these, there all adorable and there done by some very talented nail artists as well. So thanks for posting such awesome nail art.

Love, Moo And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

August Polish Picks: MUA

Hi Beauties,

This is just a quick post before I start work, in this addition of my august polish picks I’ll be writing about MUA’s ¬£1 nail polish range. I own all of them and I love them to bits I just wish I could wear nail polish for work.

The first MUA polish I picked is ‘Rose Red’ it’s a beautiful true red colour which would look beautiful in any season, it does make me look a little washed out but I still love it.


‘Leapfrog’ is a stunning blue green polish, it looks so nice on my nails because it has that perfect blue green balance, plus it has a super cute name I’m a fan of frogs as well as cows ūüôā


In my opinion ‘Bullet’ is an autumn into winter shade, I bought it in June but I’ve still yet to wear it because to me it just isn’t a summer colour, it’s still a very pretty shade which I can’t wait to wear,


‘Strawberry Crush’ is a very pretty vintage pink, it kinda reminds me of Rimmel’s ‘English Rose’ which is one of my all time favourite pinks, MUA’s ‘Strawberry Crush’ is a beautiful shade and for ¬£1 I really can’t complain.


‘Plum noir’ is a stunning deep purple shade which is perfect for autumn, although I did wear it back in May and loved it.


‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ is another solely summer shade it’s a stunning mint green colour which I’ll defiantly be reaching for in 2015.


‘Mud Pie’ is a very neutral shade but it is in no way bland. ‘Mud Pie’ is the perfect shade for the ultimate understated autumn mani.


Out of all of MUA’s nail polish shades ‘Bold Blue’ is the one I like the least, don’t get me wrong it’s a very pretty bright summery shade I’m just not really a blue nail polish person, I bought it because I felt like I needed at least one bright sky blue in my collection.


The ninth polish is ‘Amerotto Crush’ it’s a very pretty orangey pink shade which again is one I’ll be reaching for more next year as this shade looks stunning with a tan.


Finally ‘Frozen Yogurt’ is a very pretty purple shade, it’s not dark enough to be classed as a true purple or light enough to be lilac. I think that’s one of the resin I love this shade so much, and it can be worn in summer or winter, it’s simply beautiful.


So there you go beautiful those were my MUA august polish picks? What are your fave shades from MUA?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

August Polish Picks: Maybelline Colorshow

Hi Beauties

So today I’m back with my August polish picks, this time I chose my faves from Maybelline’s Colorshow range, which has a great selection of colours making picking my all time faves so hard. But I did it and here are the results.

The first polish from this line is called ‘Fuchsia Fever’ it’s a beautiful shade, to me it is more of a hot pink then a true fuchsia shade which I think of as being more purple-y, but over all it’s a beautiful summer shade.


The second is called ‘Green With Envy’ it’s a stunning deep green colour which reminds me so much of Revlon’s ‘Rainforest’, both of these polishes have deep dark backgrounds with micro flecks of metallic glitter which make them utterly breath taking. ‘Rainforest’ is by far my favourite polish of all time with ‘Green With Envy’ coming in a close second,


‘Impeccable Greys’ is a very basic slate grey polish, but it’d make the perfect understated manicure for late autumn into winter.


The fourth polish I chose is ‘Mystic Green’ which is a very beautiful green shade with gold undertones, it’s the perfect polish for a night out, or to add a mystic ora to an already beautiful outfit.


‘Pedel To The Metal’ is a silver metallic based polish and is a perfect dupe for the Sally Hansen polish of the same name.


And finally ‘Onyx Rush’ is a basic black, which still looks stunning either on it’s own or underneath nail art, it’s a winter colour and defiantly one I’ll be wearing more of as the snow comes.


I hoped you liked looking through my Maybelline Color Show picks for august, they’ll be more coming soon, so stay tuned.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

August Polish Picks: Sinful Colors

Hi Beauties

Long time no post, I can’t actually believe it’s nearly the end of august already, this year really has flown and I’m not so sure it’s a good thing.

Non the less I thought I’d share with all of my lovely readers my August Polish Picks starting with Sinful Colors which is defiantly one of my fave nail polish brands, there cheap and they have such a fantastic formula, I wish I could buy the entire collection.

The first polish from Sinful Colors is ‘Let Me Go’ it’s a stunning metallic polish, I love this polish because its different, it changes colour depending on the light you are in, it’s simply beautiful.


‘Amethyst’ is a very bold true purple shade, it’s the ideal colour for autumn and would bring a splash of colour to any outfit, it screams look at me in a very subtle yet season appropriate way.


The third polish is called ‘Island Coral’ and yes, you guessed it it’s a coral shade, but what sets ‘Island Coral’ apart from other coral polishes is it’s hot pink undertone, which makes it a perfect summer polish which would really stand out against a tan.


‘San Francisco’ is a stunningly eye catching green which has a very beautiful yet slightly mysterious and iridescent shimmer to it, ‘San Francisco’ looks like it should be worn by elves, it’s a definite must have for me.


The fifth polish is ‘Sailors Delight’ which is a very pretty baby pink colour, which does not really live up to it’s name, this polish is less sailor and Lolita.


‘Dancing Nails’ is a simply beautiful colour, it isn’t quite copper but it isn’t quite pink, it’s trapped in a beautiful and unique limbo between the two, it’s so beautiful, I need this polish in my collection NOW!.


‘Orange Cream’ is a light white based orange, more of the colour I would expect from ‘Island Coral’, I’m not a huge fan of orange nais, but seen as this polish is quite subtle I might give it a go.


And finally ‘Beautiful Girl’ is a very bright orange-y pink shade, it’s defiantly a statement polish which would look beautiful in the warmer, summer months.


To hope you liked these, they’ll be more August Polish Picks coming soon but until then, get that perfect polished mani and enjoy what’s left of summer.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Ravishing Rose Golds

Hi Beauties

I just got back from the gym and I’m feeling kinda down, I weighed in and let’s just say I weigh a lot more than what I thought I did :(.

I thought I’d cheer myself up by post my top eight rose gold polishes. ( I’m picky when it comes to rose gold).

The first polish is Essie’s ‘Buy Me A Cameo’ it’s a lovely colour but to me it’s more silver-y as opposed to te more classic pink rose gold undertone, none the less it is still a beautiful colour.


The second is ‘Rage’ from Orly, which is more pink in tone than ‘Buy Me A Cameo’ but in my opinion it’s still too gold to be classed as a rose gold polish.


The third is the first Sinful Colors polish I owned, ‘Mama San’ has a stunning pink undertone that let’s the metallic gold shin through beautifully. ‘Mama San’ is a definite go to polish for me.


Zoya’s ‘Faye’ is such a stunning colour, it has the perfect balance of pink and gold which gives a beautifully eye catching colour.


Maybellines’s ‘Rose Chic’ is a beautiful effects polish, it has a rose gold base with flecks of silver glitter, it looks amazing, I’ve never wanted a nail effects polish so much.


The sixth rose gold polish to make it on to my list Is ‘Champers’ by Butter London, to my it seems to be a pretty gold colour with just a hint of pink, perfect.


‘Gold Roses’ from Sally Hansen is a more orang-y toned rose gold that still looks beautiful as a summer mani.


And lastly Max Factors ‘Sunny Pink’ has a very bold pink undertone, but in the right light hints of gold shin though , making this polish perfect for that casual rose gold mani.


Are there any Rose gold polishes I’ve missed? Please comment below and tell me what they are I love hearing about what my lovely followers like.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Love Heart Nail Art

Hi Beauties

This Is just a quick update whilst nail art is on my mind,

Snit first I started back at the gym today and burnt 700 calories, which I think is pretty go going for my first work out in over a year, what do you think?

I thought I’d share with you my fave love heart nail art these super cute and lovely.








I especially love the robot he’s super cute I wish I could make him.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx