My Essie Wish List (for now at least)

Hi Beauties,

I’m feeling much better now and I start my new job this weekend YAY, I’m super super excited to be earning an actual wage again.

Now most of you know that I’ve always always wanted an Essie polish, they’re raved about like mad an twitter, YouTube and different blogging sites. Everyone seems to own them but me, they were just too expensive but now I have a job I can buy al the pretty Essie polish my heart desires.

Here are a few I want in my collection…

The first polish I would love is ‘Angora Cardi’ it’s a beautiful vintage pink tone perfect for a classic girly look.


Essie’s ‘Soul Mate’ Is a gorgeous red-y brown colour which makes in so perfect for fall and winter, which will be back before we know it.


‘Absolutely Shore’ is the toned down sister of the cult classic ‘Mint Candy Apple’, it’s perfect for summers day when you want a more toned down manicure.


The fourth polish I would love in my collection is ‘Dive Bar’ it’s a beautiful deep racing green with the perfect shimmery finish.


Like ‘Dive Bar’, ‘Trophy Wife’ is a beautiful green with a stunning finish, but ‘Trophy Wife’ has more of a blue undertone giving it a very beautiful marine look.


‘Its Genius’ is a very beautiful pink-y red shade with gold intones, I’d love to wear this polish to a five star restaurant, to me ‘It’s Genius’ screams sophistication.


Now I’d expect ‘Wrapped In Rubies’ to have a silver undertone which would give it the sparkle you’d expect from a ruby, right?, instead this polish has gold in it which gives it a burnt copper look. Either way ‘Wrapped In Rubies’ is a very beautiful polish.


‘I Am Strong’ is a very pretty light pink colour, it is part of Essie’s breast cancer awareness collection, it would look beautiful if you want a no fuss mani.


Essie’s ‘After Sex’ looks more like candy apple red to me, as it has a yellow-y orange undertone, it’s pretty and puts a twist in a classic red manicure.


And finally ‘Bahama Mama’ it’s a very deep purple-y wine shade, another polish fit for making that transposition from autumn to winter.


So, there you have it my dream Essie collection. What shades are in your collection that you think I’d like? Any rare shades of cult classics I need to pick up?.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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