Excited For Essence

Hi Beauties,

A local store near my home has stated selling Essence cosmetics, this includes everything from eye make up to foundation, lip products and my favourite of all, nail polish. Although the display Is only small that have pretty good selection of make up and nail polish.


Here are my favourite ‘Color and Go’ nail polish colours from what this pretty little Essence stand has to offer.

The first is called ‘Naughty and Pink’ and is a stunning bright pinky coral-y colour, it would look lovely with a tan.


‘Hello marshmallow’ is a pretty white toned lilac perfect for a spring manicure.


The third polish is called ‘Love Me Cupcake’ and is a nude with a slight hung of pink, this polish is just what you need to play down your look.


‘Galatic Glam’ is a green polish complete with specks of sliver micro glitter that give this polish an out of this world shimmer.


Again ‘Sweet As Candy’ is a very nude toned pink, it’s sheer and would look beautiful as the base of a French manicure.


‘Free Hugs’ is a very vibrant Barbie pink, it’s fun, flirty and super girly.


‘English Rose’ is another pretty vintage pink, I love this colour and can’t wait to have it on my nails.


‘Do You Speak Love’ is a very classic ‘London bus red’, it’s not one of my favourite polishes from Essence but it’s fantastic for making the transition from summer to autumn.


The ninth polish Is called ‘Prink and Proud’ is a very usual shade as it is a sliver polish with a purple-y undertone which in my opinion would make a very uniquely intreating manicure.


Finally ‘Be Berry Now’ is another must have polish from me, it is the perfect shade of raspberry red and would look beautiful on a snowy day.


Thanks for reading beauties, I might do other entries based on Essence cosmetics as I love their colour range, their quality is good and they are very reasonably priced.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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