Essie Purples

Hi Beauties

I thought I’d share some of my fave purple polishes from Essie, enjoy! ūüôā

The first polish is a beautiful dark lilac shed called ‘Play Date’ it has quite a noticeable blue undertone which makes this polish perfect for that summer to autumn transition.


The sexing is a polish called ‘Sexy Divide’ which is a very deep purple that it almost looks dark blue, but in the sunlight it glints and sparkles the most most beautiful deep purple shade.


‘Underwear’ is another lilac shade, but this one had a more pink undertone making it the perfect manicure to finish off the perfect summer.


‘Carry On’ is a more deep berry red based purple, in my opinion it’s defiantly a reason for winter to come.


The finale two polishes, ‘Under The Twilight’ and ‘Lilacism’ are both beautiful toned purples, although ‘Lilacism’ is a brighter lilac shade they both have grey undertones which makes them both the perfect fall shade of purple.



So I hope you enjoyed my favourite purples from Essie, from reading back over this post I think I’m subconsciously getting ready for the colder months, starting with my manicure, ūüôā

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses.

Aurora xxx


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