August Polish Picks: Sinful Colors

Hi Beauties

Long time no post, I can’t actually believe it’s nearly the end of august already, this year really has flown and I’m not so sure it’s a good thing.

Non the less I thought I’d share with all of my lovely readers my August Polish Picks starting with Sinful Colors which is defiantly one of my fave nail polish brands, there cheap and they have such a fantastic formula, I wish I could buy the entire collection.

The first polish from Sinful Colors is ‘Let Me Go’ it’s a stunning metallic polish, I love this polish because its different, it changes colour depending on the light you are in, it’s simply beautiful.


‘Amethyst’ is a very bold true purple shade, it’s the ideal colour for autumn and would bring a splash of colour to any outfit, it screams look at me in a very subtle yet season appropriate way.


The third polish is called ‘Island Coral’ and yes, you guessed it it’s a coral shade, but what sets ‘Island Coral’ apart from other coral polishes is it’s hot pink undertone, which makes it a perfect summer polish which would really stand out against a tan.


‘San Francisco’ is a stunningly eye catching green which has a very beautiful yet slightly mysterious and iridescent shimmer to it, ‘San Francisco’ looks like it should be worn by elves, it’s a definite must have for me.


The fifth polish is ‘Sailors Delight’ which is a very pretty baby pink colour, which does not really live up to it’s name, this polish is less sailor and Lolita.


‘Dancing Nails’ is a simply beautiful colour, it isn’t quite copper but it isn’t quite pink, it’s trapped in a beautiful and unique limbo between the two, it’s so beautiful, I need this polish in my collection NOW!.


‘Orange Cream’ is a light white based orange, more of the colour I would expect from ‘Island Coral’, I’m not a huge fan of orange nais, but seen as this polish is quite subtle I might give it a go.


And finally ‘Beautiful Girl’ is a very bright orange-y pink shade, it’s defiantly a statement polish which would look beautiful in the warmer, summer months.


To hope you liked these, they’ll be more August Polish Picks coming soon but until then, get that perfect polished mani and enjoy what’s left of summer.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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