Update: Moonlit Woods

Hi Beauties,

So I painted my nails with ‘Moonlit Wood’ from the parfumerie collection from Revlon, and it’s a beautiful silvery purple shade that smells very unlike a moonlit wood and more like fresh laundry or air freshener, it’s a lovely smell but it’s not very strong.

Previous to ‘Moonlit Woods’ I worn ‘Ginger Melon’ which was a beautiful bright pink shade from the same collection, it had a strong smell that was very ginger Melony and stayed on your nails for days, but to me ‘Moonlit Woods’ just isn’t as appealing.

I’ll try the ‘Wintermint’ shade when I’m off work again and I’ll keep all of my beauties updated, I hope it’s lovely and wintery and super minty,

But until then…

Love, Hugs and Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


One thought on “Update: Moonlit Woods

  1. I love Wintermint, its such a great shade (A Deborah Lippman dupe for very little ££) and the scent on it is lovely too! Haven’t tried my moonlit woods yet, sometime in the next week or so

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