Barry M Silk Collection- Darks

Hi Beauties

I’m posting early because I have a lot to sort out today, this post is actually a part two of my Barry M Silk Collection series, you can see part one here which is about the lighter more summery side of the collection, but since winter is here I thought I’d bring all of my beauties the deeper darker side of the Silk Collection.

‘Forest’ is a lovely deep green shade with a pretty silver shimmer finish, in my opinion it is more of s blue based green which makes it a lot more suitable for this collection and the season than if it were a rich emerald green.


‘Poppy’ is a beautiful deep red shade, that still keeps its true redness, I. Saying that I mean it still manages to look dark and wintery without having too much of a purple/ blue undertone.


Finally ‘Orchid’ is a lovely royal rich toned deep purple with ties this collection up beautifully, for me it is the perfect balance of ‘Poppy'(s) purple/ blue undertone and the stunning green of ‘Forest’.


I love all of these polishes so much, to me they’re very gothic shades and would be perfect as a way to move away from the more pastel shades of the Silk Collection and embrace the winter months.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


10 thoughts on “Barry M Silk Collection- Darks

  1. Hello,

    mind if I ask why you have a blog filled with pictures of other people’s nails? Those swatches of Forest and Orchid came from my blog ( and you didn’t ask my permission to use them.

  2. Hi, these photographs are not your nails but you don’t mention that in your post. It would be nice to add that these are not your nails and maybe get the owners permission to use their photographs ūüôā

      • Yes, just say “these aren’t my pictures, they are from – insert link” probably nice to say something nice too (seen as you are borrowing the pics)

        The nail blogger community is all about helping each other out and being supportive of other bloggers, so if you ever use someone else’s work – give them credit! ūüôā

      • Any decent blogger knows that you can always link back to the owner of the original photo if you find them via pinterest or google images. If you can’t credit the photos because you don’t know who did the swatches, it’s simple. Just don’t use them.

        It’s not up to your readers to find out who the swatches belong to, it’s your responsibility to do that.
        You are misleading your readers into thinking that you are the one doing all of these wonderful swatches, whereas you are stealing other people’s hard work and taking the credit.

        The least you can do is to make a CLEAR disclaimer saying they are not your photos and where you found them.

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