I’m Sorry/ Disclaimer

Hi Beauties

I am sorry that I have offended and hurt some of you by not crediting pics of polish swatches I have used.

Because the images do not have physical copyright marks on them I didn’t know how to credit them.

Please read my disclaimer

I will credit images from this point on if I can, I am sorry for an offence i caused, I would never intentionally burnt any of my beauties.

I am truly sorry

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses

Aurora xxx


8 thoughts on “I’m Sorry/ Disclaimer

  1. Awe, I know I sometimes forget to credit too. But here is what I do: I leave a disclosure on the page to click each picture to be taken to the site I found it on. If it will help you, I’m more than happy together to put together a step by step screen shot of how you can do this! It’s actually very easy 🙂

      • I find pictures on google and on websites all the time. Is that what you do, is a google search for images? It will still work the same as long as the picture is attached to a website it will work 🙂

      • You mean like write the website out? I suppose you could do that. Ok, go like you are about to create a new post and put a picture in it. Do you know that little thing that looks like a chain link at the top of the screen? If you click that, it will bring up a little box where you can put the website you found the picture on in!

      • 🙂 Good. Don’t let what anyone said drag you down today 🙂 We all make mistakes and I think they were just trying to be helpful not hurtful (sometimes it just comes across aggressive through text).

      • Yh i know it wasnt meant in a bad way but its just a little intimadating when theres lots of people at once giving you grief about something that wasnt meant as a bad thing, thanks for being so supportive huni xxx

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