Today’s Mani…

Hi Beauties

Today’s polish is one I had sitting in my collection for quite sometime, it’s ‘Ocean Breeze’ from Revlon.

‘Ocean Breeze’ is an ocean blue tone that flashes green and silver when the light hits it from specific angles and yes it is scented, admittedly it smells very nice but it doesn’t remind me of the sea, the smell also fades quite quickly unlike the scented polished from Revlon’s Parfumerie collection which last in your nails for days.

The polish in the bottle, (pic courtesy of Confident Beauty

IMG_4007.JPG) looks slightly darker in tone then if appears on the nails, but after two coats I found this polish was opaque and super pretty.

With the flash, the sliver undertones can be seen a lot clearer


Without the flash, a beautiful deep ocean blue.


Even though this polish is blue based, which I tend to steer clear of ‘Ocean Breeze’ goes well with my skin tone, it doesn’t make look too washed out. This polish is a very versatile colour for me and I’m wearing it to my job interview, wish me luck Beauties.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


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