Stating YouTube

Hi Beauties

I’ll have a mani of the day and a jewellery collection post up by the end of the week.

But first I’m planning on starting a YouTube channel, but I’d like to know what you’d think if I did, would you watch my videos?, I’m 25 am I too old to start a channel? 


Can you give me any tips or bits of advice that would help me out? 

Help please,

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx 

10 thoughts on “Stating YouTube

  1. I’m 25 and just started my channel a few months ago so you’re not too old at all! My advice is to just go for it, and I’ve found that natural lighting seems to be most appealing to many viewers. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your first video!

  2. You’re not too old to start a youtube channel – actually I think you can never be too old ūüėõ Yes, I’d totally watch it – just be sure to post so I can watch in the future ^_^

  3. I’m about to be 25 too! I have a serious obsession with the tube too! Even if you just upload videos privately you can still watch them in years to come, and see how you’ve changed, I want to start a channel too but I’ve not mustered up the courage to upload yet! good luck!

  4. I know this is late, but I am 25 years old too and I am starting a YouTube channel now. So no, you are not too old to start a YouTube channel.

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