£1 Nail Polish Blog Sale

Hi Beauties

I’ve finally gotten around to it, my nail polish sale, yes I know it’s like two weeks late but I’ve been super busy, working two jobs is a lot harder and more time consuming than I thought it was going to be. 

Some of the bottles In the pics below may not be completely true to colour but if you have any questions just ask, all polish will be sold on a £1 per bottle basis and postage will be £2 for the UK and slightly more for international buyers, the price of postage will remain the same regardless of the amount of polish you buy 😊.

(From left to right, top to bottom)

Sinful Colors- winterberry 

Sinful Colors- Cinderella 

Revlon- minted 

Collection hot looks- fruit loop

Sally Hansen- red velvet 

Sally Hansen- pink sprinkle

(Bottom left to top right)

Maybelline- forevermore green

Ps love- red

Primark- gold

Laura Paige- purple glitter

Technic- seashell

Collection hot looks- get retro

Maybelline- midnight mistress

Opi- shatter the scales

(Bottom left to top right)

Sinful Colors- Tokyo pearl

Sally Hansen- sea through

Sally Hansen- must have iris

Revlon- ultra violet

Maybelline acid wash- mint acid-ittude

Primark- red 

Primark- pink glitter

(Bottom left to top right)

2true- pink

Ps love- Matt top coat

Maybelline- Devine wine 

Ps love- baby pink

Revlon- cotton candy

Sally Hansen- gummy grape

(Bottom left to top right)

Gabrini- red

Makeup Rev- cool days

Mua- green

Technic- jet black

Revlon- powder puff

Ciate- mistress

 Maybelline- purple reflects

(Bottom left to top right)

Rimmel- pastel perfection

Sally Hansen- sugar fix

Natural collection- topaz

Sally Hansen- cherry drop

Primark- black

Sinful Colors- mauve

(Top to bottom left to right)

Revlon- cafe pink

Beauty UK- cotton candy

Laura Paige- Ruby jewel

Maybelline acid wash- lilac rebel

Sally Hansen- pink blink

Laura Paige- pink in a blink

(Bottom left to top right)

Sally Hansen- jell-0us

Sinful Colors- lets talk

Sally Hansen- cosmic blue

Mua- red

Natural collection- oyster pink

Opi- super base shatter

(Bottom left to top right)

China glaze- oxidises Aqua

Gabrini- pink

Gabrini- green

Sinful Colors- Fiji

Rimmel- desire

Sally Hansen- wined up

(Bottom left to top right)

 Miss sporty- coty Paris

2 true- shade 8

La femme- racing green

Sally Hansen- red zin

Sally Hansen- teal

Collection hot looks- dessert rose

Technic- clear

2 true- shade 7

Sorry about the crappy quality of the images, if anyone knows how I can rotate them it’d be greatly appreciated, I’m using to iOS app not the full web version.

Thanks Beauties

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx 

For Sale

Hi Beauties 

This is just a quick post to say that I will be selling most of my nail polish collection and some of my jewellery collection. 

I will post pics and prices tomorrow, who’s interested?, nothing will be going for an extortionate price as I want most things gone, first come first serve.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx  

Polyvore.com Follow Me

Hi Beauties

As you have probably guessed from the title I am now on Polyvore, I love this site. If you mad about fashion or makeup this is the site to use to keep everything you love in one place,

My user name is vanishingpoint10 just like my blog, I’ll be posting sets, collections and likes, I might even use it for blog posts as well.



Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Nail Art: Must Love Pugs

Hi Beauties

I was out shopping today and I saw the cutest pug ever it looked super awesome with its funny little tail and squished face 🙂

I thought I’d go online and look for pug nail decals and I came across some really pretty pug themed nail art that other nail polish bloggers had created,

Here’s a few of my faves…

super cute decals

cute pug decals

this one is by far my fave design and super creative

super cute

love these
pug life


i love the different pugs on these they’re super cute

I hope you enjoyed this post Beauties, which is your favourite pug themed nail art? comment below.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Overview: My Polish Collection

Hi Beauties

I’m back, it’s seemed strange not posting for the past two weeks but I really did enjoy my boyfriend being at home he really cheers me up 🙂

I thought I’d start my first post after my little break by showing you an overview of my polish collection now that it is out of storage and has claimed its rightful place in my vanity table.













































Thanks for taking a look at my newest post beauties, sorry about the picture quality I know it sucks :(, if your would like to know names or shade numbers of specific polishes they’ll all be in a post that will be coming soon.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

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Bold Baby Blues

Hi Beauties

I hope you are all doing well today, better than I am at least just when I thought I was better my cold comes back with a vengeance 😦 I don’t feel well at all.

Plus this morning I learnt that a great actor robin Williams has died, it just goes to show that money really can’t buy happiness, RIP my captain, my captain.

Since I’m feeling blue today I thought if share my fave baby blue polishes with you all.

The first is by Rimmel and is called ‘Too Cool To Tango’ it’s a beautiful sky blue, the kind of blue you see when there aren’t any clouds in the sky. ‘Too Cool To Tango’ is a polish that looks absorbable with a tan.


The next polish I chose to feature in this post is Barry M’s ‘Pale Blue’. This shade is a lot more toned down than Rimmel’s ‘Too Cool To Tango’, it is a lot more muted, but still a very pretty pastel blue shade.


‘Cinderella’ by Sinful Colors really lives up to it’s name, it’s the perfect white based blue tone with flecks of silver micro glitter which give it that stunning fairy tale finish.


‘Blueberry Muffin’ from Models Own, is again a more muted pastel shade, it’s a very white based blue tone and is perfect for the last of the summer manis.


Although I’ve never tried a Butter London polish ‘Artful Dodger’ really caught my eye, this a more green based blue and the darker shade makes it the perfect spring to summer transition colour, maybe one for 2015.


Finally ‘Blue Lagoon’ is a another stunning sky blue shade, although it’s not as bold as ‘Too Cool To Tango’ it’s still one of my go to summer polishes, Rimmel polishes are by far my fave, their formula is fantastic.


As you can probably tell I’m not much of a blue polish wearer, I have nails that love to soak up colour and blue polishes really do stain.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

My Barry M Gelly WishList

Hi Beauties,

Seen as I’m lay In bed with a chest infection feeling a little bit worse for wear, i thought I’d share my ‘Barry M high shine gelly nail paint’ wish list with you all.





Prickly Pear


Watermelon- owned 🙂


Dragon Fruit- owned 🙂


Green Berry






Rose Hip


Sugar Apple


Pink Punch


I really do love these polishes, they come in an amazing array of colours, they stay on for at least 8 days without chipping and they are very shiny so there’s no need for a top coat and for only £3.99 you’d be mad to miss out.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Manic Mints

Hi Beauties,

Even though the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds that still doesn’t mean I can’t wear pretty summery shades on my nails.

So I thought I’d bring you my favourite mint polishes, mint polish has defiantly been a go to polish colour of mine over the past few months, so when I post my July faves keep your eyes perked for a pretty minty shade or two.

The first my my fave mint polishes has to be ‘Mint Green’ by Barry M, even though I only got this polish last week I’m sure it will be my go to polish for mints to come.


Revlon’s ‘Minted’ is another stunning polish that I love the colour of but I only worn it for two days and it chipped… Badly, for me Revlon’s formula has always been very stay put and non chip, maybe I got a bad bottle, never the less it’s still lovely.


The third is ‘Mint Macaroon’ by NYC, even though I don’t own this polish yet I love the colour and I’m sure I’ll own a bottle of my own in the near future.


Sally hansen’s ‘Mint Sobre’ is a lovely colour but sadly the formula doesn’t always work that well for me.


Mua’s ‘Pistachio Ice cream’ is another beautiful mint and is defiantly another go to polish, I’ve never really noticed before but it has a blue-y undertone to it when I compared it with Revlon’s ‘Minted’, but it is still green enough to be another beautiful summery mint shade.


Now ‘Mintilicious’ from Rimmel is not your classic pale mint shade it is very bold and is perfect to brighten up a dull day like today.


Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’… What more can I say.


‘Refresh mint’ by China Glaze is a by far the trust mint shade out of them all, (in my opinion at least) it is simply stunning and is another I will own very very soon.


‘Bevin’ by Zoya is a stunning pale mint colour, even though I have never tried Zoya polish before ‘Bevin’ would be one of my go to colours.


And finally ‘Mint Apple’ from sinful colors in my opinion is the perfect dupe for Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’, and it’s only £1.99 you really can’t go wrong.


So my beauties I hoped you enjoyed this delve into my fave mint polishes. In Your opinion are there any I have
there any I have missed? Which is your favourite mint shade?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses.

Aurora xxx

New additions

Hi Beauties,

So after almost three weeks of not buying any polish, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new bottles.

Barry M- Watermelon


New York Color- Fine Red Wine


And finally…

Barry M- Dragon


I hoped you like my new additions, out of these three colours what should my next manicure be?

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses

Aurora xxx