Favourite Berry Lipsticks

Hi Beauties

Since winter is here I thought I’d do something a little different in my blog, since I’m loving deep red lips I thought I’d bring you my favourite drugstore berry red lipsticks.

The first is Milani’s ‘Black Cherry’ in the bullet it’s a stunning purple- y red shade, but on the lips it appears more as a black red it doesn’t seem to have that rich purple undertone. Never the less it is still a beautiful colour and a defiant fall fave.



The arcing berry shade to feature in this post is Maybelline’s ‘Blissful Nerry’ which is more of a pinky mauve shade as opposed to a deep berry shade. In the bullet it looks very red, but on the lips it’s a very rich mauve berrypink colour. I think this lipstick would be fantastic If you want to do a berry lip but you aren’t a fan of very deep dark shades, ‘Blissful Berry’ might be your go to fall shade.



The third is Milani’s ‘Uptown Mauve’ it’s another deep pink based berry shade, this one is a little more true to colour than ‘Black Cherry’ in the bullet it is a very rich blue based pink and on the lips it is pretty much the same, perhaps a shade or two lighter.



Milani’s ‘Sangria’ in the billet this lipstick appears to be a true berry shade, it has the perfect balance of red and purple and would make the perfect fall lip. However the colour pay off is quite disappointing as on the lips it is a least two to three shades lighter than the bullet suggests it should be. ‘Sangria’ is still a very pretty colour and lovely for if your want a more toned down berry lip.



‘Metallic Seduction’ from Rimmel is a berry red with a very pretty copper undertone, with this one I’d say the colour in the bullet in almost identical to the colour when it is worn, making a very beautifully unique fall lipcolour.



NYC’s ‘Garnet’ is a very bright tomato red shade, which looks as bright and beautiful on the lips as it does in the bullet, although this one isn’t really a true berry shade it still makes for a stunning autumn lip colour.



‘508a’ (I wish it had a proper name) from Wet and Wild is a mother purple based berry shade, in the bullet it appears very deep, almost a wine colour however on the lips this lipstick an almost true red, but it is significantly lighter than how it appears in the bullet. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of this colour it’s too red to be classed as a berry shade.



Now I’ve saved the best for last Revlon’s ‘Wine Not’ doesn’t only have an adorable name it’s also a stunning very deep berry colour, this lipstick is by far my favourite one from this post. It’s definitely the deepest and richest berry tone I’ve come across and is a go to autumn lip colour for me, love it.



Thanks for viewing my first post beauties, watch this space for more favourites, collections, reviews and swatches.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx


Natural Collection: Oyster Pink

Hi Beauties

How is everyone on this lovely Sunday afternoon?

So, I’ve just done a mani for like the first time in over a month, it felt so strange to actually be able to see my natural nail.

For my manicure today I used ‘Oyster Pink’ by Natural collection which is ‘Boots’ own make up line, it’s has such a beautiful pearlescent shimmer to it.




Although it’s beautiful the polish goes on incredible sheer

After the first coat:

The colour is barely visible

After the second:

The colour is a little more built up and you can see the pink in it.

After the third coat:

You get a pretty pink shiny pink, which is very close to the colour presented by the bottle.

Although this polish takes three coats to apply it is quick drying compared to other drug store own brand polishes.

It also has quite a strong smell that will linger in the room for a few hours after you have finished your mani, so it’s best to open a window.

The Scores:

Application: 4/10
Dry Time: 4/10
Colour: 7/10
Durability: ?/10
Wear-ability: 8/10

Overall this polish is perfect for a light summer mani, it adds an are of class and chic to your nails without having to wear a bold, brash red. It also catches the light well and gives your nails a beautiful high shin glossy finish.

I will update you all on the durability of ‘Oyster Pink’ from Natural Collection’ in a few days time, I’m hoping for an least an 8/10.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses.

Aurora xxx