£1 Nail Polish Blog Sale

Hi Beauties

I’ve finally gotten around to it, my nail polish sale, yes I know it’s like two weeks late but I’ve been super busy, working two jobs is a lot harder and more time consuming than I thought it was going to be. 

Some of the bottles In the pics below may not be completely true to colour but if you have any questions just ask, all polish will be sold on a £1 per bottle basis and postage will be £2 for the UK and slightly more for international buyers, the price of postage will remain the same regardless of the amount of polish you buy 😊.

(From left to right, top to bottom)

Sinful Colors- winterberry 

Sinful Colors- Cinderella 

Revlon- minted 

Collection hot looks- fruit loop

Sally Hansen- red velvet 

Sally Hansen- pink sprinkle

(Bottom left to top right)

Maybelline- forevermore green

Ps love- red

Primark- gold

Laura Paige- purple glitter

Technic- seashell

Collection hot looks- get retro

Maybelline- midnight mistress

Opi- shatter the scales

(Bottom left to top right)

Sinful Colors- Tokyo pearl

Sally Hansen- sea through

Sally Hansen- must have iris

Revlon- ultra violet

Maybelline acid wash- mint acid-ittude

Primark- red 

Primark- pink glitter

(Bottom left to top right)

2true- pink

Ps love- Matt top coat

Maybelline- Devine wine 

Ps love- baby pink

Revlon- cotton candy

Sally Hansen- gummy grape

(Bottom left to top right)

Gabrini- red

Makeup Rev- cool days

Mua- green

Technic- jet black

Revlon- powder puff

Ciate- mistress

 Maybelline- purple reflects

(Bottom left to top right)

Rimmel- pastel perfection

Sally Hansen- sugar fix

Natural collection- topaz

Sally Hansen- cherry drop

Primark- black

Sinful Colors- mauve

(Top to bottom left to right)

Revlon- cafe pink

Beauty UK- cotton candy

Laura Paige- Ruby jewel

Maybelline acid wash- lilac rebel

Sally Hansen- pink blink

Laura Paige- pink in a blink

(Bottom left to top right)

Sally Hansen- jell-0us

Sinful Colors- lets talk

Sally Hansen- cosmic blue

Mua- red

Natural collection- oyster pink

Opi- super base shatter

(Bottom left to top right)

China glaze- oxidises Aqua

Gabrini- pink

Gabrini- green

Sinful Colors- Fiji

Rimmel- desire

Sally Hansen- wined up

(Bottom left to top right)

 Miss sporty- coty Paris

2 true- shade 8

La femme- racing green

Sally Hansen- red zin

Sally Hansen- teal

Collection hot looks- dessert rose

Technic- clear

2 true- shade 7

Sorry about the crappy quality of the images, if anyone knows how I can rotate them it’d be greatly appreciated, I’m using to iOS app not the full web version.

Thanks Beauties

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx 

Overview: My Polish Collection

Hi Beauties

I’m back, it’s seemed strange not posting for the past two weeks but I really did enjoy my boyfriend being at home he really cheers me up 🙂

I thought I’d start my first post after my little break by showing you an overview of my polish collection now that it is out of storage and has claimed its rightful place in my vanity table.













































Thanks for taking a look at my newest post beauties, sorry about the picture quality I know it sucks :(, if your would like to know names or shade numbers of specific polishes they’ll all be in a post that will be coming soon.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Winter With Sally Hansen

Hi Beauties

Well I’m ill again, no surprises there, I’m back on antibiotics and I’m unable to eat solid foods the joys of having a dental abscess that just won’t quit.

For this post I thought I’d visit a brand that’s a trusted favourite of mine, Sally Hansen has a lovely selection of different polishes to choose from but time and time again I go back to the ‘Complete Manicure’ line. This list is going to feature my fave winter shades from the Sally Hansen ‘Complete Manicure Collection’.

‘Shell We Dance’ is such i pretty milky white shade that not only reminds me of fallen snow but I think it would look lovely as a base for ‘Bling Tastic’ which is a beautiful vibrant blue from Hansen’s ‘Gem Crush collection’, the two shades would go beautifully together to create the perfect winter manicure.


‘Shoot The Moon’ is a very deep silver shade with a pretty wintery metallic finish to it, it’s a colour that I’ve always considered a staple in my collection and is my go to metallic polish for the colder months.


‘Plum Luck’ is a very deep plum shade when it is in the bottle, but I would say it becomes more of a wine shade when applied to the nails, it’s a beautiful colour and would make the perfect dark winter mani for when black is a little too black.


‘Midnight In NY’ is a black that is just a little more than basic black, it has stunning copper and gold micro glitters which give it a very uniquely magical finish, for me this is a true inter shades.


And finally ‘Golden Rule’ is a very pretty golden glitter too coat. That I. My opinion would look stunning over ‘Blue Blood’ or ‘Chain Mail’ which are both very dark shades from the ‘Xtreme Wear Collection’ which would compliment to eye catching sparkle of ‘Golden Rule’ beautifully.


Even though this post wasn’t about an up and coming collection I still hope you enjoyed it, they’ll be more pretty polish updates tomorrow, but until then…

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Overcast Autumn Oxblood’s

Hi Beauties

I’m in the mood to post today, since winter is on it’s way, or for some parts of the country it’s already here, I thought I’d post about one of fall 2014’s biggest nail polish trends, ox blood nails. A deep ox blood manicure
will always wins place in my good books, so here are a few of my fave ox blood polishes.

The first Is ‘Boredoux’ by Essie, it’s a deep red tone, it’s defiantly one of my faves, it’s not so dark that it looks black, I love the fact that the berry red undertone can still be seen on the nail.


The second polish to feature in this post I’d China Glaze’s ‘Call Of The Wild, compared to Essie’s ‘Boredoux’ ‘Call Of The Wild’ is a lot lighter in shade, in my opinion it has more of a brown undertone and would make the perfect autumn manicure.


The next polish Is ‘China Town’ from Nars, now I’ve never tried a Nars polish so I’m afraid I cannot comment on the quality of the polish itself, but the colour is stunning it’s more of a berry red tone as opposed to an oxblood shade but never the less it is still a very pretty color.


L’oreal’s ‘Haute Couture Red’ looks to be a beautiful copper toned oxblood shade, however in the past I have had polishes from L’oreal and let’s just say the formula it’s exactly the best, in my experiences they were gloppy or streaky and took a very long time to dry. Don’t get my wrong I adore the colour of this polish it is truly a stunning fall shade, it’s just a pity about the formula.


As many of you know Revlon’s ‘Vixen’ has featured in quite a few of my posts , and it’s about to feature In another. I have been lusting after ‘Vixen’ for the longest time but can never get hold of it, it’s always sold out, which is very disappointing it is such a beautiful almost plum based oxblood shade. In my books it’s a definite must have for any nail polish addict and when I finally do manage to purchase it, ‘Vixen’ will earn it’s rightful place in my collection.


Zoya’s ‘Sam’ is a very pretty wine toned oxblood shade, it looks a lot darker on the nails than it appears I’m the bottle, which for some people be a good thing but for me it’s a negative because I adore the shade as it is in the bottle it’s beautifully unique. But regardless of the difference, ‘Sam’ is still a very beautiful colour on or off the nails.


And finally, ‘Flirt’ by Sally Hansen is a very like Revlon’s ‘Vixen’ in the sense that it is a plum based oxblood shade as apprised to a red or black based shade. In my opinion this colour would look stunning at a Halloween party or even as a more Christmassy manicure colour, with some silver or gold accents to really make it pop. I think this is another polish for my ever growing collection.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post beauties, they’ll be a more coming this way within the next couple of days, but until next time,

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

New Additions

Hi Beauties

As you can probably guess by the title of this post I was shopping again and ended up with a total polish bargain I paid £1 each for these bottles and I love them all and yes I do need more nail polish 🙂

Sinful Colors- Tokyo Pearl


Sally Hansrn- Sea Through


Sinful Colors- Lets Talk


Revlon- Powder Puff


Revlon- High voltage


And now I want more 🙂

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Ravishing Rose Golds

Hi Beauties

I just got back from the gym and I’m feeling kinda down, I weighed in and let’s just say I weigh a lot more than what I thought I did :(.

I thought I’d cheer myself up by post my top eight rose gold polishes. ( I’m picky when it comes to rose gold).

The first polish is Essie’s ‘Buy Me A Cameo’ it’s a lovely colour but to me it’s more silver-y as opposed to te more classic pink rose gold undertone, none the less it is still a beautiful colour.


The second is ‘Rage’ from Orly, which is more pink in tone than ‘Buy Me A Cameo’ but in my opinion it’s still too gold to be classed as a rose gold polish.


The third is the first Sinful Colors polish I owned, ‘Mama San’ has a stunning pink undertone that let’s the metallic gold shin through beautifully. ‘Mama San’ is a definite go to polish for me.


Zoya’s ‘Faye’ is such a stunning colour, it has the perfect balance of pink and gold which gives a beautifully eye catching colour.


Maybellines’s ‘Rose Chic’ is a beautiful effects polish, it has a rose gold base with flecks of silver glitter, it looks amazing, I’ve never wanted a nail effects polish so much.


The sixth rose gold polish to make it on to my list Is ‘Champers’ by Butter London, to my it seems to be a pretty gold colour with just a hint of pink, perfect.


‘Gold Roses’ from Sally Hansen is a more orang-y toned rose gold that still looks beautiful as a summer mani.


And lastly Max Factors ‘Sunny Pink’ has a very bold pink undertone, but in the right light hints of gold shin though , making this polish perfect for that casual rose gold mani.


Are there any Rose gold polishes I’ve missed? Please comment below and tell me what they are I love hearing about what my lovely followers like.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Dazzling Copper Polish

Hi Beauties,

The weathers hot and sunny and I’m in the mood to blog, more to the point I’m in the mood to blog about nail polish but not just any polish, this post is going to be about my favourite copper polishes.

So get your drink and your sun tan lotion, hit the sun bed, relax and read on.

My first stunning copper polish is defiantly one of my faves it’s Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’.

As many of you know Revlon is my favourite polish brand, and this polish is simply stunning.

The second is ‘Harvest Moon’ from China Glaze, although the colour is beautiful and it has a very pretty name. In the past I have not had much luck with China Glaze formulas, they’ve been very hit and miss for me. It.


Another polish I love Is from the magnetic range from Sally Hansen, it’s called ‘Kinetic Copper’ it has a stunning deep red toned colour and the magnetic aspect of the polish works fantastically and leaves your nails looking beautiful.


This beautiful polish is by Barry M and is simply called ‘Copper’, this polish has more of a gold undertone as a posed to a red, copper tone like the polishes I have mentioned previously, but never the less it belongs on the list. Even though the colour is not quite what I would expect from a copper polish but it is by Barry M which is one of my favourite cosmetics brands every polish I have had from this range have been easy to apply, quick drying and long lasting, and no doubt ‘Copper’ will be exactly the same.


The final copper polish I love is from wet and wild called ‘Rustic’ it’s a beautiful polish with more of an orange undertone as opposed to a red or gold. It has more of an earthy feel to it and it’s very ‘Rustic’ name suits it well


I’m now going to drag myself off of my sun lounger and apply a pretty copper manicure.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,

Aurora xxx

Weekend polish picks

Hi Beauties,

How are you all on this lovely Saturday? Even though it is raining :(.

I’d thought I’d let you take a peak at my most wanted polishes for this rainy weekend.

The first is wet and wilds burgundy frost, it’s a stunning deep red shade perfect for fall.


The second, is sinful colors 24/7 it’s an eye catching neon pink that looks stunning with a tan.


Elfs cranberry is a beautiful classic red that looks stunning and sophisticated.


Sinful colors dancing nails is a dusty yet sparkly pink.


Another polish I am loving is again from sinful colors it is a beautiful deep sliver shade that truly reminds me of the sliver screen.


Another stunning green I love is wet and wilds Caribbean frost, it’s a beautiful shimmery green with a beautiful frosty high shine finish.


Essie’s sassy satchel is a stunning deep red with a classic purple under tone, another one of my favourites.


Sally Hansen’s flirt is a beautiful deep red with a gorgeous shimmery finish much like sinful Colors sugar sugar, I need this polish for my collection.


The finale polish Is post Is the beautiful emerald city from Revlon, it is from their matte suede collection and is another gorgeous must have with a stunning matte finish.


I hoped you liked seeing my polish picks for this weekend. Comment below with your favourite polishes and they’ll be featured in my next post with a shout out for your blog.

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses

Aurora xxx

Nail Polish: Why Pay More?

Hi Beauties,

This post was inspired by one of my lovely subbies asking me where i get all of my polish at such discounted prices, these are just a few of the sites i use, but I’ll post more soon.

The prices listed are based on individual bottles of polish only, no collections, sets, nail treatments or tools are included in thesxe prices. Most of these sites are uk based and many of them ship internationally, depending on where you live.


Fragrance Direct (http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/)

Orly £3.99

Essie £2.50-£2.99

O.P.I £2.99- £6.75

Ciate £5.99

Nails Inc n/a

Sally Hansen £0.99- £3,99

Wet and Wild n/a


Direct Cosmetics (http://www.directcosmetics.com/)

Orly n/a

Essie £2.99

O.P.I (shatter) £2.29

Ciate n/a

Nails Inc n/a

Sally Hansen £0.89- £1,99

Wet and Wild n/a


The Cosmetics House (http://www.thecosmetichouse.co.uk/)

Orly n/a

Essie n/a

O.P.I £4.99-£5.99

Ciate n/a

Nails Inc n/a

Sally Hansen £1.45- £2.50

Wet and Wild n/a


Cosmetics Fairy (http://www.cosmeticsfairy.co.uk/)

Orly n/a

Essie £0.99- £4.99

O.P.I £1.99- £4.95

Ciate n/a

Nails Inc n/a

Sally Hansen £0.99- £3.49

Wet and Wild £0.30- £1.65


Save On Make up (http://www.saveonmakeup.co.uk/index.php)

Orly n/a

Essie n/a

O.P.I (shatter) £2.66

Ciate n/a

Nails Inc n/a

Sally Hansen £1.33- £2.33

Wet and Wild n/a

Ebay and Amazon are also great places to look for discount nail polish and nail art supplies. But you need to do your research as there are a lot of fakes of O.P.I and Essie.

I’ve also just become an AVON rep,  they have nail art supplies, tools, polishes, creams, lotions, show me some love and check out my personal brochure: http://www.avon.uk.com/PRSuite/custonlineOrderEBrochure.page?acNo=MTc5NzgzNTE=&source=RFlNQ1VSTA==&custRepOrdr=1

More coming soon…. watch this space

Love, Hugs And Glossy Kisses,




Sally Hansen: Wined Up

Hi Beauties,

I’m a huge polish addict and a big Sally Hansen fan. Recently I went  a little nail polish mad and Sally Hansen’s ‘Wined Up’ is one of my many purchases.

‘Wined Up’ is number 350 in the Sally Hansen ‘Insta Dri’ range, It’s a stunning deep red colour, it will look sophisticated at the office and just as stunning on that dinner date. The ‘Insta-Dri’ formula  really does dry very quickly, after applying my first coat it was dry within 30 seconds and I was ready to apply my second.


320 Wined Up


After A Second Coat

Not only is this range very quick drying it also goes on opaque so you could always skip the second coat if you’re in a hurry. No matter how many coats you apply you’re manicure will have a beautifully glossy finish, so there’s no need for a top coat.


My Camera Does Not Do This Colour Justice.

Another reason why I love the Sally Hansen ‘Insta dri’ range is because you defiantly get you’re moneys worth. All of the polishes in this range contain 9.17 ml of product unlike the new ‘Maybelline’ ‘Color Show’ range which gives you a mere 7ml for around £2.99. I bought my bottle of ‘Wined Up’ from ‘Fragrance Direct’ for only £1.50.


The Perfect Brush

This polish will last you a very long time, the brush is very thick compared to other nail polish brands out there, which means you can paint your entire nail in 1-2 brush strokes. I wore this colour with out a top coat for around 4 days there was very minimal chipping or fading, I LOVE THIS POLISH.

The Scores

Application: 9/10

Dry Time: 10/10

Colour: 10/10

Durability: 9/10

Wear-ability: 10/10

So, Sally Hansen’s ‘Insta-Dri’ nail polish in ‘Wined Up’ is simply amazing.

Love. Hugs and Glossy Kisses,